Trend to stay! 1 punch of colour, so easy!

Hey you guys! I'm going to let you in on a few design tricks so you can see if your space measures up and if not a few little ideas to pull that room together! If your living room (or bedroom) is perfect and you love how it looks, go do something more productive;) if not, read on friends!!

Put that colour in an unexpected place like your chairs! Too scared to make the commitment? Buy colourful seat covers!

Or just a couple of pillows and a print. Make sure it is a saturated hue so it really pops!

Install colourful wallpaper!!! Take a cue from Pencil Shavings Studio and make your entrance stand out. This is a simple solution to your colour-phobia!

Do it with art! So easy! Pick a colour you can live with (I think most people like blue, but yellow is a good alternative that really is kind of like a happy neutral!) Via One Kings Lane.  Can you tell I love blue?

Add a pop of colour to your curtains! Change them as you please! Via Amie Corley.

Paint out those shelves! Or simply install wallpaper on the back. Very attractive. Do you have any ideas of what you would do?

Have a great day!


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