A Relaxing modern bedroom retreat

Suzanne Dimma's house is nothing short of stunning. I am simply showcasing her second floor master retreat, if you will. In her 100 year old charming Toronto home she and her designer husband Arriz Hassam turn what was once a rental property into a luxurious master suite.

The gas fireplace was added to complete the "suite" look and feel. Suzanne outfitted it with a black veined marble surround to achieve a Parisian hotel feel.

The sea grass carpet adds a natural and casual look to the otherwise elegant room. Beautiful mouldings washed in a creamy white allow the architecture to really shine.

Suzanne Dimma, editor-in-chief, of House & Home (like you didn't know that!)  The sparseness of furniture keeps things looking calm and serene.  I am loving this look.

There are his-and-her bathrooms and walk in closets (or room in her case!) So, so jealous!

She had the hardware dipped in brass for this crazy gorgeous finish. Who would think? The look is nothing short of perfection and utter elegance.

His closet, shown above, pale blue sea grass walls and an Ikea closet with custom fitted doors. Hers, below...

Who else can say that their walk-in closet is also their own little library? I wish!

An unexpected opening leads to a beautiful added design touch!  I love the white stairs. Who says you need to match your flooring!!!!

It's all in the details isn't it?


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