My little office nook

So just before I left for Maine this weekend to visit my aunt (more on that later) I decided to get my ass in check and get more organized. I already shared with you guys last Friday how I printed out some weekly calendars from this blog, and made myself a lovely little office within my living room.

I started with a 20" x 48" piece of pine from the hardware store. I gave it a bit of a white wash and mounted it with 2 huge white brackets at 30" high.  I then added 2 floating shelves from Ikea which I love. I placed my clear plastic Ikea chair to keep it light. It really keeps this open which is good in a small room.

My shelves just needed some styling. They were borrrr-ring! Now, I love sitting here, blogging away!

Shelf styling ideas:  Start with books, add a candlestick, add a couple picture frames, a vase, a couple decorations, a tray (definitely a tray) and a mirror always adds depth. A little plant adds life! Ikea has the best small plants, and cheap too! Play around with the combo until it looks just right. Play with scale and repetition. Don't forget things look good paired in threes!

I kept them simple and added a couple small storage items like the orange lacquered box from HomeSense and the "knitted" cream basket from Ikea to keep things tidy! Now, I'm not looking everywhere saying "where did I put my sharpies!"  Because that's what everyone says, LOL.

I love my sharpies. They make even my schedule look good! And colour makes me so happy. Pens are for business people. I actually despise them now. It can be a pen but it needs to be like a marker.

I chose this little corner (over the basement) for its natural light and vistas. I love looking at a bit of the kitchen from the corner of my eye. Enough to see the pretty cabinets but not enough to see a sink full of dishes! Those happen sometimes;) Ava said the funniest thing about that.  I asked her "what do think Mommy's favourite thing to do is?" she thought about it for a moment and responded "washing dishes!" I laughed so hard, "No sweetie," I said "Mommy hates washing dishes I just have to do them." She then responded "taking care of me?" Oh yes, that deserves a scoop hug!

And this is the other view. I can see outside too, so it's nice. I can even work when its a mess because my desk is simple and not overwhelming. And it's just mine, so that's really great too.

I am planning a party for my dad's 60th this weekend and it's my moms too! I have a lot to do this week but Fridays post will be chalk full of designing tips! Maybe this weekend can be a decorating weekend for you! Those are my faves!

Have a great rest of the week!


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