A few DIY entertaining ideas (from my Dads party)

Sorry 'bout the later than usual post guys! I had a busy while I was sick weekend! Both my parents are 60 today so we celebrated my dad on Friday with a huge party and my mom yesterday with a lunch on a terrace (finally beautiful out!) with lots of gifts. I'm sharing with you today a few ideas for a big celebration that are easy and pretty darn inexpensive.

Budget friendly centrepieces! 

All you need are free elements from mother nature. Branches, river stone rock, and moss. Easy enough?! I made a run to Ikea for this $1.99 vase and mini glass candleholders (4 for $1.99!) I arranged them on a 0.79 cent Ikea white plate! All in all it cost us $30.00 for all 6 centrepieces.  I also pulled a bunch of white little flowers off of a fake flower bunch I purchased at Michael's for $6.00 and pushed them onto the tips of a few branches (not shown here, added later). Very springy, I think!  Okay, no fair, easy for me I live in front of a forest. But lots of people have branches sitting in their front lawns after tree trimmings lately, or visit a park or local forest to find what's on the ground.  This was my inspiration below.  Not really the same but I'm sure you see where I got the inspiration to make my own.

I was dying to make a huge charcuterie arrangement because they are beautiful, tasty and there's something very masculine about all that meat on a big block of wood, no? So I decided to take a few leftover pieces of walnut we had in the garage, sand them and oil them to make 2 gorgeous cutting boards. I love how they turned out. You can call any local wood companies and they can direct you to where you can find nice wood. I love walnut but you could use any wood really.

This was the inspiration.  Who isn't happy with an arrangement like that?

And finally, a simple and easy backdrop. I bought a few huge black dollar store project sheets and with a fat gold metallic marker I outlined as shown below. I also added Christmas lights along the back of the table and a bunch of different sized candles to add to the ambience.  I also added 2 flowering plants. It looked really good with the striped black and white tablecloths. Yes, I am kicking myself for not actually taking a picture of the tables. I was so busy/distracted. But I really wanted to share with you the easy entertaining DIY's that you too can incorporate in your own way!

Hope you guys have a good day! Happy birthday Mom & Dad!


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