How I feel about my white kitchen today

Since giving our kitchen a facelift in May (here before + progress and here after if you're new) I can honestly say I still love it. If I wouldn't have been so stubborn on keeping to the budget I may have splurged on the quartz countertops instead, but, the wood is working out just fine. It cleans well, just a pain if I spill something really grainy on it (like ground coffee) but otherwise it looks perfect. It warms up the space and ties the floor in (which we did not change). Because we wanted the kitchen to be as eco-friendly as possible we did not stain or seal our countertops. We simply rub wood oil into it every few weeks. It keeps spills from staining the countertops (think red wine and spaghetti sauce!) and works great! It also pulls out the variation in colour of the wood, which is actually quite beautiful.

The painted cabinets are holding up very well. There are a couple little cracks in the line details below my sink, I am assuming that cupboard door may have missed the second coat? Or needed a third? Not sure, anyway, the white sheen to the cupboards still looks amazing, I love them. I will never, ever not have a white kitchen. Because you know what? White will never go away. It is timeless, washable, and is plain happy. A white kitchen, is a happy kitchen which makes for a happy homeowner, like me! I often work in there too because it inspires me (and it's quiet!)

The wall with the photograph of the girls will eventually become a half wall, opening up to the dining room. It's going to flow so nicely and just open the space right up!

All photos from my home are taken by me, so I apologize for the slight graininess that they produce when I play with the brightness. To me, brighter pictures are more important than super sharp photos.  I use the app SnapSeed for all my photos. Good shots turn out amazing. I cannot live without this app.

This Ikea sink, I love. Except when I bang a mug/cup/plate/bowl on the corner of it, because it juts out by 2 1/2"! It scares me everytime, but no breakage so it's all good!

I've been noticing more and more white in kitchens, including countertops, light floors, etc...there does always need to be some contrast however.

I've rounded up some gorgeous kitchens for you!

Via Apartment Therapy

Do you have a white kitchen, or do you like them?  If you have a question on how to update your kitchen simply, ask me by email at, I'd love to help for my series Ask Bianca!

Three posts this week! Woot, woot! Have a great rainy wednesday!


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