Want to refresh your home? Paint it blue.

I am blue obsessed. Pale blues, teals, turquoises,  navies. Use them in combination or just paint one room. They compliment a range of colours. Pair blue with yellow (or chartreuse!) pair it with corals, or reds, pinks, and even purples! It compliments browns, just about every colour. It is also timeless so you will probably never tire of it. House of Turquoise has a dedicated site to blue for years, and for obvious reason!

Freshen your look for the coming season!

Jessica Alba, Domaine.

Paint a single wall for a dramatic yet subtle focal point.

2015 H&H Showhome
Dulux Colour Trends 2015

Via House of Turquoise
Not ready to commit to a room of blue? These chairs are a stunning addition to an otherwise neutral scheme.  Send me a pic of your room and I can consult you on the perfect blue pairing :)  


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