My kitchen scheme come together!

I'm very excited to have my scheme done. Now all I need to make is a timeline and purchase all the goods! Yay! There have been a couple of changes. Mainly the countertops. I was going to go with a light gray quartz but have changed my mind to butcher block countertops. First reason, cheap, and in my opinion almost as stunning.  I've pinned so many of these types of kitchens to my Pinterest board in the past that I happily added them to the bottom of this post to convince you all as well! 

I originally had wanted marble subway tile, but after perusing the tile stores I've come to realize it doesn't look all that great with my floors. The variances in the stone seem to compete with that of the floor and I also find it just makes the space look too traditional. I am not after traditional at all. Timeless yes, traditional, no.  More like cottage/modern.  So I'm sticking with a subway tile that is a larger size and definitely has a more modern edge. I plan to use a dark gray grout as well to give it a more industrial feel.  It also adds more visual interest and allows the tiles to pop. The middle tile is the winner (shown below). It is a 5X7" tile in a soft white.
The brushed stainless modern handles from Richelieu are so sleek and gorgeous. 

These are my existing floor tiles. I am not changing them, now. Maybe at some point, but for now I am working with them.

The countertops, sink and faucet are being purchased from Ikea. I am probably going with these models but will need to see them in store first.

These are the chairs I wanted for the eat in kitchen. I better hurry up and buy them before they are gone. They will go perfectly with everything!!! They are gray and cream.

And here is the inspiration! These kitchen are lovely!

This butlers pantry is gorgeous. A little on the traditional side but I love it. Ikea has a similar faucet to this, hmmm so many choices!

This is exactly how my corner (where the two pieces of countertop meet) will have to be finished. 

Looking amazing with the subway tile. Except mine are beveled at the edges. I'm pretty sure these ones aren't.

Any amount of real wood adds a lot of warmth to a kitchen; and after all, isn't that what we want;)

So what do you guys think? I will be saving $2000 on my countertops, bringing the budget to my initial projection of $3000. (Which I was kind of dreaming but now it can be a reality!!!!!) 

On another note I did my homework and these countertops have remained beautiful over time (in case you were also wondering!) and with minimal maintenance too. 


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