My Kitchen Design Scheme- Step 1 in the design Process

The first step after identifying the needs and wants of the client is to compose and put together a design scheme, as shown below. I'm excited to be my own designer and treat myself as I would a client. The steps for my inspiration/ design board is as follow:

1>>  Keywords: Vital for any design scheme. I've omitted words of feeling, because I'm my own client and I know myself, but I used words that would keep my design on track. Whenever you get overwhelmed by all the design choices out there it's important to come back to the inspiration/design board! It's like your own personal little assistant!

2>>  Inspiration Photos: It's another reason I love Pinterest. I only had to view my "A new home" folder to gather my favourite kitchen inspirations.

3>>  Sample Board: This is my starter sample board. I can elaborate with real samples (like paint chips, fabric swatches, and a piece of real tile) to get the whole picture, once the design is approved by the client. But again, this design board is a vital step in the design process.

Then I print it on thick card stock paper and bring it every place I shop!

You can create a similar board manually by magazine cutouts, or printing photos and taping them to a board, or paper.  Type or hand write your descriptions!  I did this board in photoshop but you could achieve something similar using PicMonkey or your favourite collage app.

Next up Step 2......Floor plans and elevations!



Candice Petersen said...

These designs are gorgeous..

Candice | Beauty Candy Loves


Bianca Davila said...

Thanks Candice, they are great inspiration;)

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