Finished Master Bathroom Project

Good Morning! I know it's a holiday monday, however, I was finally able to capture some shots of the finished, elegant master bathroom, completed the end of August. It was a complete gut job and remodel- and it shows! The bathroom is now elegant, functional, and spacious. It also came right under their $5000 budget.

Remember the before photos?


Purply Blue? What is this colour? The bathroom was a complete wasted space. 


The sconces that flank the mirror now create such nice lighting. Perfect for applying makeup. The Godmorgan vanity from Ikea is full of storage. Now, nothing needs to sit on the vanity! It can be kept clean. The walls are painted Benjamin Moore's Glacier white. It's a creamy white.  The gray wood mirror has flecks of beige in it, picking up the beige in the tile (hard to notice in my photos). It really warms up the room.


The shower was tiny and a little gross. It was very old and not user friendly. By opening the wall (and re-routing a large venting pipe) we gained enough square footage to create a large walk in shower. 

My original plans had a piece of glass on the half wall, but the owners didn't feel it necessary; so it saved some money.  The water stays contained in the shower and they aren't complaining about being cold (something that can happen in an open concept shower). I think it's because the shower is nestled in the corner.

We kept the bathtub (still functional and barely used) and re-tiled everything.  New tub faucets also upped the elegance.  


All that extra tiling by the end of the tub was also wasted space. They barely ever use the tub. And that lighting under the tub??? Never a good design option. Ever. Now, the tiles run from the floor up the tub, a very streamline modern application. It looks like marble, it's beautiful. No kick-toe space required.


The window looked even more awkward after we demolished and slid over the half wall. It was now very left of the bathtub (even though it always was!) A quick amazing fix that totally fools your eye are the new window treatments from Ikea. I've always wanted to use the sliding curtain panels and here was the perfect, perfect place! 

A picture painted by Nancy's mother hangs above the bathtub.

The half wall that divides the shower from the tub was 4'-0" high. We had it capped with a beautiful piece of quartz, custom cut and polished to complete the look. For only $180, it was well worth it.

The half wall also houses 2 shower nooks, perfect for shampoos and other not pretty stuff! It was strategically located in such a way that you only see it when you're in the shower, so it is out of view when you're not!

Walking into the bathroom is now a calming experience for them. I'm so happy I was able to be part of the whole process! 

I will be doing a post on the breakdown of the project, this way if you'd like to undertake being your own designer + installer, you can!


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