Dark Walls- I painted my dining room black!

Last week I walked into Benjamin Moore with a goal. To buy black paint. To paint my dining room. Was I intimidated? To say the least. I have painted a deep gray before (my powder room). I have even had clients paint their own bathrooms a deep gray and one client a navy wall, with all stunning results. But an entire room black, for me?
We had painted the crown mouldings, ceilings and a wood valance that hung above the patio doors simply white (by BM). I just knew it would look good. Soothing, sophisticated, sexy.
I scanned over several paint samples and swatches until I spotted a black that caught my eye. They did have quite a variety. This one was called Deep Caviar.  It looked and sounded perfect for my entertaining space.  I made my way to the counter and handed Serge the paint chip.
"This is going to be dark" he said. "Yes, that's what I'm going for", I replied.
At the cash, the clerk said "that's going to be one dark wall!" "Or four" I added. I must say I had balls that day. Not just to buy the paint. But to actually go ahead and paint the room myself. To cut along the freshly painted crown mouldings and with no tape.  I taped the bottom base boards and around the door frame. I had a wet rag in hand for any accidents I may have. I was more careful, cautious, and slow then I had ever been. I don't think Greg could have done a better job himself.

Here's a before photo of the dining room.

And this the after...

It wears even beautifully at night. Very cosy and relaxing. It has the same vibe as a cool resto lounge, which what I was going for. Complete with bar cart;)

Pops of white and glass keep it from looking dreary.  The warm wood tones in the floor and console help balance the darkness.  I added some floating Ikea Lacke shelves to break it up as well. The shelves hold all my nice wine glasses and other entertaining items.

I am going to look for a chandelier this week, so when it's 100% complete I will show you the whole room. Just wanted to give you a sneak peak at how it was coming along! I love it! And everyone who has seen it seems to as well! What do you think? Could you do this?


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