A vision for the new home- Step 1 Keywords

Sometimes, you've got to treat your own projects as you would a clients. Let me start by saying, this is no easy feat!  The design process is long and sometimes painful- especially if you love too many things! I'd like to give you some ideas on how to start. While explaining this process I also get to explore my own ideas for our new eventual home.

Step 1 of the design process: Keywords

If you want to know what you like or how you want your new space to feel you have to envision it first! Write down what comes to mind. Edit later!
Example; "I want to feel relaxed and soothed in my bedroom. I want to feel as though I am cocooned."
Awesome! Use colours you find the most tranquil. Perhaps that's pale blue, dusty rose, or even pure white.  Choose soft down filled pillows and bedding, and layer your bed for ultimate comfort. Invest in an upholstered headboard.  Wallpaper a portion of your room (behind bed, or above a chair rail).  Add elements you love and find comforting. It could be a TV or a stack of books.  Add pictures or art to your wall you find soothing, (for myself, that would be a beach scene).

The keywords can also just be a series of elements, ideas, or things you want in that room.  For example, I want light oak floors, creamy white walls, modern chunky baseboards, solid wood doors with black hardware. I know, my list has gotten pretty specific.

Pin, or do it the old fashion way and cut out images or ideas you'd like to incorporate. Like this firewood rack. I need it! Well, only if we have a wood burning fireplace. Fingers crossed only so I can make this!

A simple, clean, modern outdoor space. Perfect words to describe what we are looking at above.  Maybe "low maintenance garden" would be a perfect thing to tell the garden centre when it comes time to buying greenery, if that's what you're going for. (Meee pleease!)

More keywords: White walls, warm woods, light floors. Lots of fun colour maybe via rug, art + pillows. Welcoming, durable, pet + kid friendly.

The bathroom. I am hoping only refreshing and decorating are needed. I know the kitchen will need the most work, and probably the floors.  I am loving the simplicity of this bathroom. Tiles for the floor only and wainscotting the walls for a cape cod feel. I love those white nesting tables and that DIY colour blocked shower curtain!  And a little art is always beautiful in the bathroom as well!

Notice how I put all the keywords in bold? Easy to spot when I come back to this post. You can do this too! For your kid's room, or playroom, or main living space! It's the easiest but most productive part! It'll give you a vision and a place to actually get started. Basically, it will point you in the right direction.

How fun is that? What space are you thinking of right now?


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