If I was designing your daughter's room right now...

Well hello stranger! I am very excited to be doing a blog entry. I am gearing toward one a week but no pressure. I am simply sad I have not kept it up, but anyway, I'll move on...haha.

So if I were designing your daughter's bedroom I could say that this is what I might suggest if you loved colour and patterm and something magical and whimsical for your daughter. There are some high and low end items here but all in all redesigning a room is not cheap! The designer, however, isn't too bad on price, and so so worth it! 

Here it is complete with sources, 

rug  // wallpaper  //  bed frame //  duvet cover //  dresser //  mirror  //  pink stool  //  pink pillow  //  blue pillow  //  floral pillow  //  chandeliers 

And below some inspiration to help envision the look:

Oh and let's not forget that sexy black ceiling! Benjamin Moores Black Beauty! It just adds that extra punch to the whole room!



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