Weekend project, add some pops of colour to any room in your home.

Let's take a cue from this otherwise fun living room that I've been drooling over and see if we can add just that right amount of spice (or colour) to make our rooms pop. This design clearly demonstrates how art can uplift a space and give it the balance, whimsy, and a lovely focal point.

Pencil + Paper Co

Instead of using art, how about some new pillows?  If you aren't sure what colour you should get (especially if your space is otherwise neutral), choose your favourite colour. Or better, buy a few different coloured pillows and see what looks best, then return the losers! 

Better Homes & Garden

Pencil + Paper Co.

Use a colourful rug!

Paint or wallpaper an accent wall for a graphic, colourful punch.

Pencil + Paper

Domaine Home
Have a phobia of commitment to colour? Use your daughter's jacket, your colourful purse, umbrella, whatever colourful objects you've got!

Or just add colour to every item I mentioned above and give yourself a very happy and inviting space!

Not sure what to do? Take a pic and send it to me! I'd love to help in my "Ask Bianca" series! What colours are you wanting to incorporate in your home? |I love chartreuses, pinks, and pale blues! My neutral phase didn't last long, except in the bedroom where I love layering neutrals, and I need some calm "down" space ;)


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