Playing with Pattern, Tour a gorgeously designed home

I love coming across new designers (well new to me!) just from surfing the web (not Pinterest!).  I cannot get off of Pencil & Paper Development Co's website! Their design aesthetic is absolutely stunning to say the least.  Playing with clean lines, pattern and lots of pops of colour, I am drooling and am totally inspired.

The husband and wife duo (Benjamin & Genifer Sohr) together create some sophisticated yet laid back modern southern style interiors. They are based out of Benjamin's hometown of Nashville, TN.

I see some Ikea shelving going on here, simply sprayed gold. Grundtal wall shelf $34.99

The tea towel is also from Ikea, I have them and I love them! Elly tea towel $3.99 for a 4 pack.

This family room looks so cosy, I'm ready to curl up on that couch with a tea and some Nashville or Kardashians. Did I really just write that? Um, yup!

I love the idea of placing a small desk or vanity next to your bed to replace the bedside table. With not having a lot of room in my home this was an idea I was contemplating myself!  It feels very hotel like and luxurious.  Similar desk, Malm dressing table $189.

Every room in this home has something graphic that adds whimsy and fun to the design. If you just take one design lesson from this home I think this should be it!

 Visit Pencil and Paper's website for more inspiration. I will definitely be featuring another interior by them because I can't get enough!

*photography by Leslee Mitchell


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