How I decorate for Christmas

How do you like to decorate for Christmas? Neutrals? Pops of colour? Maybe only a Christmas tree? I generally wing it every year but change it up a bit. Sometimes I buy a new addition here or there but this year I only bought a couple of garlands from Michaels. I put them along the otherwise useless photo ledge in my living room. I draped the other one around my dining chandelier. I love how it turned out. Little vignettes here and there are a fun way to decorate at Christmas. On my coffee table I put candles and photos on what was a picture frame! Yup, makes for a pretty cheap tray my friends. The champagne toast candle in it's pretty little holder is from Bath & Body works. A gift from my best friend;) smells amazing and is so pretty!

I am definitely feeling neutrals this season. I switched out my colourful pillows for white and neutral toned ones. I let the decorations add warmth and colour.  And I love change. I had bought the fuzzy faux fur pillows from Ikea in September. They don't have any more, but they have these similar ones.

Ikea has had some really cute decorations these last few years. I even bought wrapping paper there on sale 3 weeks ago for $1.50 a roll!!! Pretty good (even though I stocked up last year, LOL).

I removed the back cushions off my couch and replaced them with the pillows. It completely changed the feel and look of it. I love a deep comfy couch that I can stretch out on and cuddle with Ava or read a magazine so for me it works!

Our family of reindeer. I have another little one somewhere. Ava and Brook like playing with them so that's why one is MIA. I don't mind at all if they play with any of the decorations which is why I have many a broken decoration, but that's o.k. here.  I love that they enjoy them.

We added candy canes to this tree this year. They really look pretty and just add that magic that the kids love. I'm surprised they haven't been bugging me to eat them.

Brooklyn, working on her oral presentation in French. It's so cozy in here it's great for anything including homework and dancing (which we all do, lol).  The girls had bought each other very thoughtful gifts this year and we placed them under the tree. I let them open one each last night. It was my 36th birthday so I figured it was a special day.

I just added these red wooden beads to the chandelier this morning. I feel they now have presence and purpose in the dining room. You can use anything to drape around a chandelier! Homemade string pompoms, fresh cut fir branches or any garland. The possibilities are endless!

I've got so many projects brewing in my head it's crazy. I will certainly share as they come up of course;) And it took me 3 hours to write this post. I am struggling lately! No worries though except I do want to post more frequently! Every week day if I could. Maybe when the little one is off to kindergarten. :( But, I'd really like to know...

How have you decorated this season? Did you switch up your décor too?

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