What to hang on your walls + edit those photos!

I am picky when it comes to what's on my walls.  I have to love it, or it ends up in my garage (like so many poor picture frames).  These 2 canadian companies have some gorgeous limited edition art for those with a bit of money to spend. It's not cheap but it is worth the price tag! Their twist on a modern day art gallery has me wanting to buy at least 1 print, hopefully someday really, really soon.

LM Chabot takes some beautiful photographs. My favourite on that site!


I am in love with this beach photograph. The tones and serenity of the picture are so beautifully captured.  The vastness of the ocean in this calm beach scene is also a wonder in itself. It's a photograph I could stare at for a long time.

Citizen Atelier, has some of my favourite art prints. I don't think I could chose a favourite, there are so many beautiful prints.

If you don't have a big budget...

You can use your own art too! Art is pretty subjective, so if you like your photograph then blow it up and hang it on your wall. It is yours after all, so at least it as meaning, and is an original!

Some photographs I am dying to blow up and hang...

I love this photograph of an early morning surf.

You can use close-up family shots, as long as they are good ones! Use a professional photographer or just snap away like a mad woman.  Edit them in a photo app like PicMonkey or SnapSeed and it'll give them a contemporary, modern twist.  Like this one...

If you guys aren't using something to edit your photos you are not getting the most out of them! Every photo I post to my site has been edited either in photoshop, PicMonkey (free, on computer) or SnapSeed (free, on phone)! I brighten my photos, and will either warm them up (as I did in Charlize's picture) or put a black & white filter on them and play with the contrast (as I did for Ava's ballet recital shot). These would make a beautiful addition to a gallery wall!

What not to hang on your walls!

I know you newlyweds are going to disagree with me but no wedding photos!!! Unless they are taken by an amazing photographer and capture a moment other than an obvious wedding scene I would steer clear! If you must, keep them in the bedroom or in smaller frames.

Pictures that have no meaning to you or do not make you feel something. Good art (or photographs) should tell a story, or make you think. They should be beautiful (to you) or give a glimpse into what kind of person you are. Do not be afraid to hang only 1 piece in a room. Edit, edit, edit.

That being said I am struggling with what to hang in my living room and dining room! I love hearing that other designers have the same dilemma. Especially because we know what's out there!  I know what I want but it also involves a whole room scheme mini makeover which means more moola. Yip. Dilemma. Anyway, I'll wait until we knock a half wall down in between the kitchen and dining room to do that. That will be fun!

Now that all 3 of my kids are home from school/daycare I hope I can keep writing because this post took me 3 days.  3 DAYS!!!! Struggling!


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