Smitten with Californian interior design- Get the Look

Instagram is awesome, mainly because you discover awesome people with awesome inspirational photos. I came across this one particular designer while searching, and I am totally smitten with her keen eye for design. It reminds me of another designer I am also totally obsessed with. So in love, I wish more home magazines featured just these kind of homes. You know, the laid back, relaxed, casual but oh so cool look. I love homes that look lived in, worn, loved, like an old favourite pair of ripped jeans (that also have white paint smears on them). You get it; and here is the proof.

All above interior design images by Kathryn Miller

All above images by the super talented Amber Lewis

Some easy elements that anyone can work with to achieve this inviting look.

1>> Patterns and colour! Mix and match worldly looking textiles be it in your pillows, rugs, throws, or curtains!  Turkish rugs, suzani, mexican or moroccan wedding blankets, any of these will do! Having one (or 2) in each room will set the tone. These above, are Amber Lewis' collection. Love!

2>> Beach art. My favourite, obviously, if you've seen my home! Black & white or sepia also looks amazing. Print large scale photos and frame in a modern white frame, against a beautiful white wall. Let the art speak. This one sold by Citizen Atelier is amazing!

3>> Natural organic materials! Worn leather, sisal rugs (shown above) sheep skin, linen curtains.

4>> Plants! And lots of them! I've always had plants around me growing up, so it just feels natural and right. It adds warmth to the space and purifies the air. Fig trees (or fiddle) are my favourite! Ikea and home depot has these (generally).

I love discovering new inspiring designers, there are so many! Do you like this look? I'd love to know!


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