Our new kitchen!

Okay, so I'm going to tell you first off, it's not 100% done-yet. There are still outlets to screw in (we need bigger screws) and the front door cabinets of the sink need to be adjusted and put back on. By friday, I think, all will be done.
This is not the post. I will be publishing a post shortly breaking down our renovation and just how we spent only $3000 (or less) for what feels like a brand new kitchen.

Let me say my friends....I have a hard time leaving it....

Do you remember what it looked like before? I knew with its wood cabinets it had potential.

and now it is bright, white, and so fresh.

I love my countertops (amazing source) and the backsplash. Love the handles and my new hood. I also love the Ikea carpet I added to break up the tile, warm up the space, and pull together the wood in the countertops. 

My absolute favourite item- the Ikea sink. It is huge, and sooooo comfortable to lean on. I really enjoy doing dishes now. Seriously.

I love the beach; and that was my inspiration. It is echoed throughout my home and now I can always feel like I am on vacation even when I'm not.  Finally, after 10 years of owning homes, I can now say I have a kitchen that truly represents my style and taste. I couldn't be happier. 

And this is me, in my new favourite spot, admiring the view. Full post coming monday.


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