Simple Rule for decorating oversized Art

I am in need of a dramatic focal point in my living room. I have been dying to print an oversized ocean scene.  Not only will it be a beautiful attention grabber, but it will also bring me back to the place I always long to be. The beach. There are guidelines to scaling art for your room. I've never really given any thought to what those rules are (and Pinterest and the internet can certainly give you thousands); but I wanted to simply study these inspiration photos below and see a pattern. And I see one for sure. It is simple.

Can you spot them? Scroll down to see a few rules below.

Rules & Guidelines

1. When placing art above a couch, bench, dresser, or console, never allow the edges to surpass that of the furniture.

2. Try to give the art breathing room by keeping it at least 18" away from the ceiling. It may, however, hover only a few inches away from your furniture piece.

3. When hanging a large piece do not be afraid of trying a few times and making a few holes. Trust me, better to have 10 holes behind your art then having it look out of place.

4. Proportion is key. Try placing it with keeping a thirds ratio in mind. A wall can be visually divided into 9 equal rectangles (or squares). If the ceiling height is at 9 ' then the wall will be divided at the 3' and 6' mark. The middle of the art may look perfect at the 6' mark or the top of the frame may do so. Either way, this is just a guideline, it also depends what's placed below the art.

5. Trust your instinct. If it doesn't look right, try again;)

Have a great Monday!


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