Robert Passal's gorgeous Miami Modern Getaway

I think you all know I'm a little crazy for colour lately. I think in the fall I'll turn to rich creams with striking cobalt blues and warm browns, but for now...House Beautiful always has the most original and design savvy homes featured and I absolutely had to share this with you.

Look at those baseboards! Just buy 1/4" wood planks at Home Depot and forget what they call builder grade yucky baseboards. Just this will make a huge difference in your home. Bonus if you've got high ceilings to match!  Everything white then add pops of colour. I see blue, I see yellow, I see red, I see purple...

How much freshness does the green foliage add? Bring in cuttings from your garden! It can even be tree cuttings! Think outside the box, it needn't be flowers.

Those doors were painted with car paint! Get a similar look with a high gloss paint finish.

Love! Grouping things together makes the elements make sense and have more impact. Here the cylinder vases are grouped together as are the picture frames above that 16 foot couch!

I'm in love with the simplicity of this Ikea bed.  Pale blue is the most soothing colour choice you could paint in a bedroom and it pretty well goes with everything. Even purple. LOVE blue + purple.

I love how Passal kept some things simple and soothing then added this very interesting dresser and graphic curtains to the mix.

Keeping the bath gray, white and simple then adding some colourful abstract for drama! Genius! I am assuming the painting is seriously lacquered and waterproof.

It's always nice when someone's guest bedroom trumps your own. Who would think to put green bedding? But, does it not work? I think because there are so many natural elements here that it recalls mother nature and of course she is never wrong.

Guest bath. I am positive that that mirror is the most awesome mirror to do your makeup in. Ikea's Godmorgan has a vanity with integrated lighting that looks equally amazing.

All outdoor furnishings from Restoration Hardware (minus the Saarinen table by Knoll).  Very simple but inviting setup.

A mini version from what's inside. Very clever and easily transitions from in to out extending the living room to the outdoors. It's all about pushing the envelop and trusting your instincts (or your designers ;)


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