Sticker Tiles & Vinyl Are super hot!

Serious Bathroom Style Going On Here!
I love a good tile job but these peel and stick vinyl tiles are not your average old school yucky vinyls of the past! These carry some serious style at half the cost and definitely a fraction of the labour. I would personally shy away from vinyl flooring only because I know it would be temporary. I  stand corrected as I am in love with this remodel above. However, perfect if you are renting, for real!!! LOVE, love, love, and I'm encouraging you now to go for it you renters!

Otherwise, you home owners, these vinyl tile stickers as wallpaper in the kitchen and bathroom is just amazing and simple. I've always loved wallpaper in the bathroom and this just brings the whole wallpaper thing to a new level. You know my husband is a vinyl expert with a big ass printer....hmmmmmm, getting some ideas here!

Mexican Charcoal Grey Wallpaper
Carreaux Ciment Tile Sticker
Encastic Corona Tile Sticker
Ah! Are you seriously crushing too? That laundry room and bathroom is perfection! There are ones that come in sheet rolls too so there's no curling or worries and is very durable as well! So even better for home owners :)

What do you think? Could you vinyl too?


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