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Blogging, oh how I've missed you! I haven't been avoiding you, you have been on my mind everyday.  This isn't the typical blogging writers block that we occasionally face. It was more than that. I guess I needed a break (6 weeks!) to collect my thoughts and organize myself. I am totally happy with the break but I seriously need to reconsider where my blog is heading. I am definitely struggling with that. I've had so much on my mind lately that I've actually been experiencing some anxiety. Which feels weird because I really don't worry about much, so I am trying to deal with it the best way I can.  I've been feeling tense, tired, irritable, and sometimes I experience breathing difficulties. I've also been sleeping not that great :(  I am sure with the warmer weather coming and sticky my hands in some dirt I will find the peace I had. Hopefully.

My personal photo taken at the Botanical Gardens

While I was away from Blogging...

Playa Hermosa in Costa Rica

Greg and I were lucky enough to be invited to stay at my cousins beautiful property (for sale!) in Costa Rica. We had a fabulously relaxing vacation. No kids, just us. We visited some waterfalls, dined at restaurants, surfed, and just relaxed in the hot, hot sun. We'd never been there before and we really liked it. Like, I could see myself spending a few months there for sure! That was when the blogging vacation began.  It was nice to be there and not care about taking too many pictures or looking for some interesting design elements to write about. I just kept it all, for, myself. (But seriously check out my cousins beautiful place!)  Everything was great, the food was amazing (I can eat South American style food everyday for real), the weather was perfect (hot dry heat and sun everyday) and the countryside beautiful (some dry bare regions but also lush tropical areas too)! It was definitely what we needed to recharge our batteries!

Oh my gosh, it's me!!!
But back to reality.  The girls have a short 3 months left of school, and then summer madness begins. Actually, it should be alright. There's only soccer and dance so we will otherwise be relaxing by the pool.  And then, I don't even want to think about it, but my littlest sweetest Avangeline will be starting kindergarten in September :( I mean, I am totally happy that she will begin her own little life adventure with new friends and new routines, but I am sad at the same time. Not just for her, but for me too. We as moms put sooooo much pressure and guilt on ourselves. Why, why do we do that? I'd like to hit the ground running with an amazing career when I have 7 straight hours a day to launch my dream career (whatever the freak that is) then be supermom when they get home. I know so many great moms who do just that (by the skin of their teeth no less at times) and I'd like something like that for myself. I'd like to deposit more cheques in my name. I'd like to save up for something spectacular on my own. I can do that. I've done it before. But now, it almost seems daunting. So, the only thing I can do is super organize myself, and my time to prepare for that day. No actual date in particular, but near future for sure.

I've got a couple projects lined up already and that should be enough of a start right? That's what I keep telling myself. The problem is, if I'm only doing a couple things I'm scared I might only jump with one foot in, and well, focus on crappy things like laundry and dusting (like I give crap about those things, lol) and distract myself with what I know best. Oh my gosh, but this little one. How, how can I work when I have her?

Refreshing the living for the warmer weather

She loves dressing up and posing!
Well, my plan, and hopefully I stick with it is just to better organizing myself with a good old fashioned agenda. I am falling for this one, but it is April now, so I simply printed out some great weekly and monthly worksheets. I am going to begin slowly. I hate to do lists! Do you do these? I think they are horribly mean. Especially when you start writing down what it is you actually want to do! I always write down on a sticky note what I need to do that day (or week) and that's always conquerable, but now it'll be a bit more structured.  I never write things down like "tackle the shed, or stain the table" because then I'll just loathe them. Instead whenever I have free time I think of a "fun" project I can do (or organize) and I'll do it on a whim. This way there's no fearing my to do list. Only the super important/ mundane things go on that!

I definitely will be sharing how I will be breaking up my time into blocks throughout the day. That should be a good way to be more focused! I've been reading up on how to be more productive and this seems like the way! I'm excited to try it! My favourite is answering emails between (say) 4:30-5:00. Because emails are annoying! And distracting throughout the day!  This of course probably isn't for you office workers, but could work for your personal life!
I will share a few links in Fridays post that I've found and am super excited to try!

Also, more original recipes like this one to come because seriously, cooking is also my passion.
And, we are trying to eat healthier!

Artichokes with a tangy lemon sauce. What I grew up on.

Anyway, I am so happy to be back and I do plan to blog 3 times a week. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays!

Thanks for being here,


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