A few things 01.29.16 + my 1 advice

Hey you guys. I have been busy this week, well not actually super busy, but definitely busy. Charlize will be finishing up her midterm exams today (YAY!) and it's her (our) first time experiencing that.  I also started two dance classes this week (I took a Hip Hop class last session) and it's soooooo much fun. You get a crazy workout, and enjoy yourself; and get to listen to music and dance doing it!  It's honestly the best way for me, to stay in shape. Plus I get to practice the choreography at home (even more fun + working out!!! Bonus!)

My baby girl Ava is turning 5 on Monday. I. Don't. Even. Believe it.  Time is going way too fast and I'm just trying to keep up with it.  I've been having a lot of fun with her since she's been home with me and I am soaking up every second. Have you seen that Ikea commercial? Of course you have, the make every second count one? Holy crap, can I get a Kleenex?  So yeah, I've been making those seconds count because soon enough she'll be spending plenty of seconds away from home.

If I could give you 1 piece of advice (if you still have toddlers or babies) is write in a journal now. Write once a week little things that happened. I swear, you will forget those things. How many times I've said "I will never forget that" only to not remember those precious little sentences that made no sense that were absolutely darling.  I love that at least I have this blog because I definitely look back to past entries and say "oh yeah!!!" Even if your kids are a bit older like mine, it's still something you will appreciate later in life!

I love the idea of creating a little book. Buy a beautiful large journal, write an entry, and attach a couple pictures. Print them from your computer (on whatever paper) and glue them to the page. I wish I had done that. Almost like a scrapbook but no pressure of perfection. Only raw truth and images. It's truly enough. This was one of my hopes for 2016. To get my ass in gear and put together my family book. Pictures and writing, but not overly done, and not too many pictures. Only my favourites. Maybe 30-40 per year, tops! This is my inspiration. So pretty and simple.

Here is some inspiration for your weekend.  Have a good one!

1>> Need a yummy dinner in under 20 with few ingredients? I tried this and this during the week and they were so, so good!

2>> This bedroom has given me inspiration for Brooklyn's new room. Grown up, simple, and still colourful. And this one for Ava!

3>> Obsessed with this whole house! The décor is so minimalistic yet comfortable and chic, I love it!

4>> This awesome laundry room makeover is a stunner!

5>>  I feel like I need one of these in my home. I wonder if I should start weaving?

And this weekend we will hopefully almost finish our fireplace as we're also Harry Pottering up the house for Ava's party on Sunday! So excited! I want to show you a sneak peek of both! Maybe Monday :) 


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