Unapologetically in the moment

Hi you guys! I wish I could bang out a blog post every, day. Really. You have no idea how many unpublished drafts I have that I've meant to post but have not. What to blog about is a struggle with almost all bloggers and I am no exception.  I've been lazy this past month with putting my thoughts to paper (or keyboard).  I truly haven't had much time to do so but have made so much time for other things in its place.

I just turned 36 and I swear I feel wiser everyday. Though funny enough my memory constantly leaves me wondering whether I will suffer from dementia in my later years I do feel such clarity with, well,  purpose. I am so happy right now and though I could probably change a dozen or so things I feel blessed and so grateful for all I have had and have in my life.

One of my favourite blessings is an ability to be in the present. We all have this capability and certainly do so at moments, like when you're reading the birthday card your daughter so lovingly took the time to draw out for you or when you watch your kids giggling together while playing a board game (despite their age differences) and wonder how you could be so lucky to have such sweet adorable kids.

I've been living, unapologetically, in the moment. From taking a last minute vacation (best idea ever!) to making fun plans with the kids the day-of, to doing nothing all day but baking and movie marathons with them, is what living in the moment is to me.  These last two weeks have been exactly what my family of five needed. I've also carved out some time for myself reading, or watching television, stretching (my idea of yoga) napping and dancing with headphones on. I am not totally looking forward to getting back to the routine with all its homework and scheduling, activities and to-do lists. So for now, I will live in the moment and enjoy every, single, second, with all of its happiness and chaos, perfect and imperfect moments and realize at the end of the day that's what life is all about.

Hope your holidays so far have been live-in-the-moment wonderful too,


*image above of Ava and Greg fishing together in the Bahamas. These are the moments I try and can only hope to capture. :)

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