Our vegetable garden + some gorgeous ideas to use!

This summer so far has been pretty good for our family garden. Everything has done surprisingly well.  So much so that we are already planning how to beat that next year. You can definitely read up on gardening how-to's, by googling it, or reading books and magazines; but there is something about trial and error that kind of makes gardening interesting and fun.  It's a nice surprise to see what will flower (snow peas, green beans) or what shouldn't flower unless you're too late to harvest (lettuces)!

And, it actually hasn't been a lot of effort. One weekend to prepare and plant/sow seeds in the earth. And then it's just weekly maintenance up to your discretion. Of course watering should be a daily thing, but that's easy and the kids always love doing that part. And the picking of course! The best part. Fresh lettuces, swiss chard (my favourite!) beans and peas, carrots, tomatoes, peppers, fresh herbs and even potatoes!

Fresh herbs in planters are perfect for bringing indoors once it gets too cold outside.  We planted more basil in the garden, because you can never have enough basil!

Greg sprouted potatoes from ones we bought at the grocery store then once rooted, planted them in the garden. They are so cute! Hopefully they have enough time to produce before frost sets in. Which hopefully won't be for another 6 weeks!  Mid-August already! Oh summer, where have you gone?

The snow peas and green beans all need support so Greg stuck bamboo sticks in the ground and just wrapped cooking string around them.

We have 2 levels of garden around our balcony and they get constant sun all day so it seemed like the perfect spot for a garden. Hornets love lettuces and swiss chard.  They didn't eat the lettuce but munched on the swiss chard. So do use a natural spray to repel them. 

Greg separated the vegetable plants with a neat row of river rock from the garden. Such a cute idea that adds interest to it. It also lets us know where something starts and ends.

We planted 4 tomato plants this year. I'd really like at least 10 since I love making jars of stewed tomatoes for use in sauces later on. We will see what we get. I love plum tomato plants but also have cherry and heirloom tomatoes.  The girls love tomatoes too!

I am super surprised that nothing has come to eat our veggies. Bordering a forest with no fence, I thought for sure we'd have some unwelcome guests. But so far so good!

Inspiration for next year

Little teepees are a better idea for support and are so decorative!

We will be adding garden beds like these ones to the other side of our yard next year.

Using rocks in between planter boxes gets rid of high maintenance grass and just looks so pretty! Imagine pumpkins and squashes at fall time???

Vegetable gardens can be beautiful and obviously are very useful.  I love what it teaches my children as well. It is organic, and the freshness cannot be beat. You can also grow whatever you choose. I know people who have grown corn and watermelon too! So it's up to you! I'd like to know, does this change your mind about gardening if you haven't had a garden yet? Or if you do, what is your favourite fruit or veggie?


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