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Wow. If any of you are not satisfied at work, feel like you're not doing what you feel you should be doing career-wise, or just want to follow a new path, this is the book for you. I was in Chapters (one of my favourite stores) and I wanted to pick up a specific book in the careers section. But they didn't have the book I was looking for. I always choose these types of books based on recommendations from people I trust and admire.
But this book I picked up struck me. I hadn't heard of it before. No blogger I follow had mentioned it. I do what I always do and began reading a few pages to see if I liked it. I read the first few sentences of a few different chapters and the only reason I had to stop reading was to intervene my two youngest who thought we were at the park. Funny but not. 
I had to buy this book. The author and mentor extraordinaire is Aliza Licht a thirty-something year old senior VP at Donna Karan. The way she manoeuvred herself from being a plastic surgeon resident to working for a magazine is incredible to say the least. And she explains exactly what she did to get there. The moment she realized in her scrubs that this was not the place she wanted to be, and that she wanted to follow her passion. Fashion. How scary would that be?! Leaving something you've worked years for, with amazing pay, to going back to the bottom of the ladder with no education in that unrelated field?!!  To say her book "Leave Your Mark" is inspirational is not enough. Some of the advice is so obvious but a lot of things people don't do. Even though acing an interview isn't anything I'll be doing anytime soon, every bit of advice can be applied elsewhere. This book is for everyone. I can't put it down. 
She explains mentors are everywhere. I had never thought of that before. I always assumed a mentor was someone who took you under their wing and guided you on your career path, and I felt like I never had that. Wow, I was wrong. 
Her advice is invaluable. How I should be writing a cover letter? Brilliant! Why hadn't I thought of that before?!

This book is a great summer read too. It's funny and enlightening, engaging and very thought provoking with a lot of A-Ha moments. I will probably read it twice. To highlight and sticky note every other page.  Let me know if you end up picking it up. You can order it here through Amazon or Chapters. And for my American friends here

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