Explore our vacation: Le Bic, New Brunswick, PEI + valuable camping tips!

24 hours of driving, 3050 kilometres, 5 tanks of gas,  3 provinces, and 5 little adventurous people, lol. We decided early this year we weren't doing our typical 2 week vacation to the seacoast in NH we wanted to do something different. Something Canadian. We wanted to explore, and let our little ones do so as well. I am proud to say we were able to accomplish the mission.  First stop was Parc Nationale du Bic, a beautiful Quebec provincial park. We hiked, biked, and played in the warm waters surrounding the area. The park is nestled in a few mountains and is surrounded by lush green vegetation and lots and lots of wild flowers. The park smelled amazing. The girls loved climbing around the rocky coast. A little scary so we took our time. It was amazing.

As soon as we got there, the kids wanted to explore right away. This is the view walking to the Bay "du Ha!Ha!" Not sure why it is named that but it is gorgeous. They were so happy after a 5 hour drive. Nothing makes me happier than to see them like this, holding hands...so precious.

Exploring the views from the rocks.

After climbing and walking through rocky terrain like this for about 30 minutes around the rocky coast we were rewarded with this...

After 2 nights at Le Bic we travelled to New Brunswick.  It rained pretty much the 3 nights we were there. The beach was very pretty, the sand very soft and the water very warm. This was the only sunny beach afternoon.  

We camped at Parlee Beach in Shediac, which is the lobster capital of Canada. And the lobster? Ah-may-zing!!!! I could eat it everyday. I felt so spoiled! Ava loved eating lobster. Brooklyn too, and Charlize just had a bit. It gives her tummy aches :(

One of the days we visited Hopewell Rocks,  a must-see for anyone visiting NB. We went during low tide and didn't stay to see the water rise. There were  few cranky family members, so we left to go antiquing, which was a mood changer. The girls love antiquing, lucky me:)

"Alter Girl Collections" had so many treasures. We left with a jewellery box for Brooklyn and a rolling pin for me. How cool is it to have an old church as your boutique? And the pink? Love!!!

Lots of hat, costumes, and clothing, with a quaint little changing room. Obviously my girly girls all tried things on!

Our camper. Our home for the 10 days. It rained quite a bit so thankfully we have this cosy little place to hang out. Otherwise, we'd have to play out in the rain.  Or run away. LOL

Prince Edward Island. I can't say enough. Anyone who has been there will agree with me. Lush, beautiful, pristine, and a freshness we don't get here around Montreal. Fresh air for miles! The grasses were so green, the fields of wheat (?!?) a silvery green, and the sands a deep cinnamon colour. Crossing the Confederation Bridge (one of the longest bridges in the world) was also very cool. It is almost 13 km (8 miles) long!!!

We stayed at Cavendish Beach, a national park. It was so clean and most of the facilities were brand spanking new. Which, was awesome.  We ate the freshest mussels from PEI Aqua farms. So easy and cheap to prepare yourself!

We also spent a few hours at a local park along the main road. It was filled with shops and tons of activities for the kids to do. We were minutes from the Avonlea Villge, which we did not visit. I never watched Anne of Green Gables growing up, so it didn't mean much to me to go see it.

So many red sandstone rocks around the beach turns the white sand cinnamon colour. They were really fun to incorporate into sand castle making.

Another reason I love being at the ocean? Beach hair. And Ava and Brooklyn have some gorgeous beach hair. Can't, get, enough.

And what happens every time I leave a vacation? I can't wait to plan my next one. I know many of you are the same! Taking a break from the daily routine always feel good, even if it is still a lot of work!  

CAMPING TIPS (with kids)

>>  Overpacking is definitely better than under packing. Extra sweaters, jogging pants, blankets, pillows, rain boots, raincoats and good running shoes are a must- and bring a small container of laundry detergent because many campgrounds have washing machines. And trust me, it felt so good doing a couple loads of laundry!!!! (a first!)

>> Each family member should have their own back back for toys, personal belongings, bathing suit, easy grab-and-go stuff. It'll make the kids feel responsible for at least some of their stuff and they'll know where some of their stuff is without having to ask you every 2 seconds!

>> Have snacks, lots and lots of prepared snacks. Zip-lock pre-washed veggies, fruits, cheese, crackers, whatever...you will be happy everything is pre-washed and ready to go! 

>> Easy meals! Steak and potatoes on the BBQ one night with a pre-homemade salad and dressing, 
shrimp, meat and veggie skewers another, chicken or fish baked in foil with fresh herbs and butter (also pre-marinated!!!), so many easy, healthy, delicious ways to prepare food! Be creative and break outta that box!!!

>> Let the kiddos be bored in the car. They do not have to be colouring or listening to music or even watching  movie all the time. It is normal for them to feel restless and bored. It's a long car ride. The more you do it, the better they will become at it. Trust me. When all else fails, play I spy in the car. It works and gets the whole family involved!

>> Bring bikes! We will never go camping without bringing our bikes ever, again. So easy to get around and explore more. Plus it gives the kids more freedom which = happier children!

>> I also buy 1 bottle of "LiveClean" baby body and hair wash for the whole family to share. So much easier than bringing a whole bunch of bottles for everyone. Plus, my hair hasn't looked healthier ;)

**Have any good camping tips to share?

I  am incredibly scattered since all 3 kids are home with me, so I am hoping to post a bit more frequently. I am proud to say I have just reached the 50,000 pageview milestone while I was away on vacation, so thank you guys for being here and spending time with me ;)


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