A Beach Themed Party for Brooklyn

Hello! This was a weekend filled with non-stop action. It kind of feels like how this summer might turn out to be. Hopefully with a few days of relaxing by the pool too of course.

Brooklyn will be 8 on friday. She invited 10 friends for a pool party yesterday. (Doesn't this sound like the start of a problem equation, LOL?!)  It was easy and quite chill. She wanted pogos and pizza, chips and dip. Easy enough. She wanted a Dairy Queen ice-cream cake. Perfect. As the girls get older it is a lot easier to get away with having their friends over and not making a huge deal out of it but still celebrating to their tastes.

Brooklyn decided on a teen beach movie cake so of course I wanted to run with that. I filled the dining room with balloons, fans from Ikea (they are ridiculously gorgeous) pom poms, and mini umbrellas. It was simple, colourful and inexpensive. The dollar store had tons of beach themed items.

The only time consuming activity was the pom pom making. I did it while watching Fury with Greg, so it wasn't too bad.  I draped a hoola skirt around the chandelier, and above my basket chair (which is still not hung yet!) It's okay it was the perfect birthday girl spot.

I crafted little pineapples out of tissue paper and with the wire i used to combine the 2 colours, I wrapped them around the sides of the chair. 

She was so happy with everything, which of course made me happy :)

I seriously just made a bunch of decorations and decided later how I was going to use them to decorate. I cut out some fringe from yellow tissue paper and ended up wrapping it around the water bottles. 

Add a fat colourful straw from Ikea, and the kids were more than happy to drink water!

Flowers in hair, leis, and hoola skirts, flip flops, swim suits and ice-cream cake make for a happy, happy birthday girl!

Oh, and a last minute "WE NEED A DECK FAST", LOL.

Which is not 100% done yet (still needs a little finishing with posts, ledges on top rail and safety gate!) I love the design, small but functional! And it is perfect for keeping an eye on the little swimmers! Greg is amazing, especially on our 12th anniversary (we went out for dinner later too!)

I will be doing a full post on deck design for anyone needing a little inspiration for this summer. There really isn't much out there for above ground pool decks. It's pretty sad really, as far as that's concerned!  

We were super lucky to have a beautiful weekend and literally Greg and my dad finished up the rails 1 minute before our little guests showed up! It was that kind of weekend! Next weekend is grad party weekend, Charlize is finishing up grade 6! So it may not be too different (minus anniversary, deck construction and doctor appointments!) 

This week should be quiet enough though, I think!


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