Ask Bianca: Where can I find nice lighting?!?! A few ideas I'm sure you never thought of.

I've been asked this so many times that I decided I need to do an ask Bianca post today (my first!)
I'm in a lighting mood, probably because I just bought the light fixture that will hang above our breakfast nook! So exciting! First I think I'll show off my new find. It was the floor model (at a good height) and a better price. 30$ at Revive Decor in Pointe-Claire. Yay!

When you are looking for something in particular, say a small ceiling light fixture, the task can be daunting- to say the least. And I feel for you commitment phobes out there. It can be hard to zero in on the perfect light fixture. You certainly know what you don't like, but not 100% sure about what you do.

Generally when I start looking for lighting I already know the style and colour I want. This really helps. Let me give you some out-of-the-box ideas for finding the perfect light fixture.

1. EBay. You can browse so many light fixtures at good prices without ever leaving your home. Just make sure you buy from reputable sellers. Done.

2. Go to smaller shops. There is not much of a selection but there will always be something different and perhaps on sale! See my shopping tab for a list of stores.

3. HomeSense. Okay, not really out-of-the-box but I have to mention them. I do love them for table lamps. But that's the extend of their pretty lighting.

4. Union Lighting & Multi Luminaire have a vast online selection (not all prices are listed) and big show rooms. For sure you will find something but you can probably find the same style on EBay for less. But, you don't get to see it in person. Your call.

5. Pinterest. One of my faves. Type sconce or chandelier, etc in the search tab and be amazed at all the pretty light fixtures you will find pinned from websites and bloggers site. They've done all the legwork for you! Where to get it, etc! It's a wonderful free resource with endless inspiration.

Hope I've helped a few of you out there become united with that perfect light fixture! Because lighting is one of the most important design features in your home!

Have a great weekend!


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