Life Lately- A lesson on being mindful, together

Last week the girls (and all Quebec students) had been off for March break and we hadn't planned much for activities, but somehow, everything fell into place. Of course after Avangeline had started feeling better; she had been sick with a fever and a chest cold.
There was nothing planned. One day in a desperate attempt to do something fun I searched up downtown hotels. If would have been nice to stay at a hotel one night, swim in the hotel pool, eat a nice breakfast, be downtown? But, I wasn't so sure.
The first 4 days of the vacation had been mostly spent at home just hanging around. And though at the beginning there were moments of boredom; the girls really came together to amuse themselves, as children will do when you let them be.
It's amazing how doing nothing is contagious. Because as they sat and played, or kneeled as they coloured or ran around the house, I sat too and did nothing. I couldn't even think of something to do that would be productive except be.
It's as though my brain wouldn't allow me to see 5 seconds past that moment. I guess, my brain needed a break too. And it was using my children as a reason.  Even when they weren't asking me to play I couldn't help but just watch them as they interacted with each other in such loving ways. I couldn't help but be giddy when they'd run into Charlize's room, close the door and just hang out giggling the whole time. All Brooklyn wanted to do was hang out with her big sister. And, when Charlize would do something that didn't interest Brooklyn (like face timing her friends) she would scoot off and play babies and ponies with her little sister.

My house was littered with toys. And I don't mean litter in a bad way. It's the only way to describe the random (in my eyes) placement of toys in every room of the house. Even the kitchen and bathroom. Friday night I watched Maleficent with Ava, tucked in my bed. I was so cosy and happy to be enjoying a movie, and my daughter. She so lovingly seated 2 of her babies next to her. Folding blankets on them, tucking mini stuffed animals next to them, making them as cosy as possible.  It was the sweetest thing to watch. There were moments where she watched the movie and moments she played mommy. It was the perfect ending to my day (except that there were lots of doll toys all over my room!)

This week was really about family and just being together, in the moment.  How much more in the moment can you be than when you're riding a horse? It was blistering cold but still so sweet.

The horses only trotted slowly because of the kids. Brooklyn didn't want to do it at first, so she was given a pony. Not going to lie, I was nervous, especially because I had forgotten the kids helmets!!!

Then we warmed up at a nearby breakfast place.

It's so important to cherish and take advantage of these moments, because I know already too well, how quickly they come and go. I've got hours of video to prove that.  A little advice? Slow things down, at least once in a while; I'm always reminding myself of this, because it's hard. On everyone. So try something different together, and see how that brings you all a little closer ;)


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