Happy March

Now that March is here, flowers are all I can think about. I'm very excited for spring to really kick in so I can start planning my garden.  But in the meaning flower prints and flowers on my dining room table will have to do!

Magnolia trees line a D.C. street in spring, so pretty, via this is glamourous

Pretty flower Print, Purchase here through Etsy

Society 6 Print here

A simple, non fussy arrangement never goes out of style.

Love this mix of Juliet roses, anemones, astilbes, thistle, tuberose and mint leaves?

It might be a quiet week on the blog with my children home from school. We will see what I can accomplish :)

Happy Monday, 


Zaby @ Zaby's Perspective said...

the flowers are beautiful

Bianca Davila said...

The colour is what attracts me. I love colour!

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