The things that make me happy

Feeling blessed and at peace 
here is where my heart is, always

Cross-country skiing
feeling the sun on my face
watching my skies glide through the fresh snow
watching the sky and its incredible shade of blues, pale peaches and light lavenders
pretending I'm the only person on earth

lying on my 11 year old Charlize's bed
still taking in her littleness 
finding a great book at the library and reading it to her
then finding another one

Brooklyn (7)
watching her observe
she is so intelligent
and loves me sooo much
i love her sooo much

Ava (4)
doing whatever makes her happy
at that moment

Interior design and blogging
what i need to do 
or broken down
writing, expressing, creating

i'll never stop doing what i love
  thanks to a supportive husband :)



Helen said...

Love it all, but love your last line...a perfect encapsulation of a functioning marriage!

Bianca Davila said...

Hi Helen!
After I finished writing this post, I thought, how could I forgot the one person (not photographed) who helps make this all possible, so he was my final thought. Thanks for your kind words :)

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