Self doubt, the killer of all dreams

With time passing so quickly I often think to myself, "am I doing the right thing?" I doubt myself constantly. As I write this, I look away and sigh, am I writing this right? Will my thoughts come across as cohesive. Jeez. I am by no means a perfectionist, but I pride myself on doing things well.

I love to blog, and write, and share. I hope that shows through what I post, and I hope that someday it will repay me. Monetary-wise or life-experience-wise. Whichever is fine with me. 

I am so torn in the direction of my "career".  After completing my first big project, I am hungry for more. 
Do I see myself designing for someone else, 9-5? Hell no. I know the experience would be amazing but you know what, I am hands-on training myself as I go. I went to school and got my diploma in Interior Design, I got this. I have been decorating and designing little projects here and there for years now. I got this. I read and study trends, blogs, and magazines. I got this. I live and breathe design. I got this. 

Or do I? Crap. 

I know that even well-versed designers make mistakes, but it's hard when you see so many beautifully designed spaces that you begin to wonder "can I do that?" or "will I get to do that one day?"

All I can do for the moment is keep getting my feet wet until I am able to jump in head first. 

I am also reading #girlboss for the second time. I have the drive, I just need the cheerleader.

Don't let self-doubt ruin what you're trying to accomplish. If you are doubting yourself it's only because you want to do better.

Yeah to that.

Have an amazing weekend.

*Amazing photography by Raquel Chicheri


Hannah Davila-Musgrove said...

So many of us are hesitant to create our own unique paths for careers as you seem to do so passionately, keep it up. Inspirational :) xoxo

Bianca Davila said...

Thank you so much Hannah, you too sweetheart :)

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