Novogratz products at Walmart!?!?!

My favourite design duo Cortney & Bob Novogratz have a line called 9 by Novogratz (representing the size of their large family!) exclusively at Walmart! Okay, I'm sure it's probably not available here in Canada, but something to look forward to on our next trip to NH. Bob and Cortney have such a joy for living and are so free spirited and it shows in all they design.

Here are some amazing home items on budget!

Kaleidoscope bed in a bag $60 (on rollback, lol)

Rainbow wrap mini comforter $50

This metal bed frame, 149$. Also comes in coral, black, or white!!!!  Never in Canada could you get something this inexpensive. Amazing. It's my favourite find here.

The vintage tufted sofa sleeper for $349 is very cute. I think it should have been called vintage inspired, since clearly it is not vintage, but I think we all knew that;) It may be too lovely to have guests drooling on it! I love the way it looks open. Perfect for double sided entertaining!

Check out the whole line here.

Here is something else that I love about them. They use family photos in huge prints, murals, canvases, collages, etc. Capturing their beautiful family. And that's what we do too! 

Curious about them? Check out their website.


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