Monday's 10 minute Yummy meal!

Mondays after school are always super fast. Ava's got ballet before supper, and the girls have guides right after. So dinner has to be quick. Quickly made anyway. I don't like leftovers and I always enjoy making something fresh but simple.

This pasta dish is that. And it reminds me of summer! Perfect.

Ingredients (makes enough for a family of 4-5)

Spaghettini,  1 box
3-4 Roma tomatoes, diced
Olive oil, a good 3 tbps
2 cloves fresh garlic, crushed
Fresh basil leaves, torn or chopped loosely
Fresh crushed pepper & parmesan, to taste.

Boil a large pot of salted water. Toss in spaghettini. Once ready drain and combine all ingredients. Toss gently and serve immediately. So delicious. Serve with warm crusty bread for a super satisfying fast meal. Even faster and cheaper than take-out! 

Happy Monday :) Check out this cutie on video- follow me on Instagram. 


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