Life Lately- Our idea of date night

Greg and I rarely go out together. Unless it's to a beach. For a week. Sans children.
I find it almost weird going somewhere outside of our home to eat or watch a movie; besides trying to get someone to take over our three children household. So, every few weeks we will pick up a bottle of wine, some cheese and bread, or something yummy like sushi, and have us a date night when the kids are in bed. Last night it worked out great because the kids went down quietly (my 11 year old always has, but the 4 & 7 year old who share a room...) by 8:15, which gave us plenty of time to watch some TV, eat, and talk. Not about the house, or the kids, but just talk about what we were watching, or to share something funny.

What is great about this kind of date is that it can happen any day of the week, whenever we feel. It wasn't even planned. I decided at 6:45 at the grocery store, we need a date night. Tonight. We NEED it. As does every married couple with kids who don't really take time for themselves as a couple.  We didn't have to coordinate babysitting, or drive anywhere, we didn't have to tip anyone, or spend a whole lot of money. It's kind of perfect for us.
We even had the kids clean up the basement before they went to bed. Did I mention they were angels last night? ;)
I am sure many of you do this regularly, maybe not even considering it a date night, but just naturally hanging out with each other sharing a nice meal, or a drink, or watching a movie on TV. And that's amazing! Whatever you do as a couple purposefully is a requirement for a happy marriage.

We would love to do something outside of the home, something different. Not your usual dinner and a movie, or anything like that. But for now, with the kids still needing supervision  and this crazy never ending winter, I think we will just surrender ourselves to our home and the comfort it brings with it.

What do you consider a date night? I'd love to know :)
Have a great weekend, and perhaps try something a little new...


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