A Valentines Roundup! Ideas to steal!

Happy Valentine's Day (early!)
So many ideas and things to do, here are a few things that I think are so sweet for Valentines.

I love the idea of a collection of photos. A perfect gift for your significant other and an easy DIY. Just need to print 30 photos. 

This super yummy looking cake! Recipe here.

Or these simple cookies? Yum. I'd make these shortbread cookies so they stay together better once baked. I really want to make these with a pink sirup icing drizzled on top. We will see.

And then could I enjoy them in this beautiful, romantic looking home??? That'd be lovely, with a glass of champagne in hand of course ;)

LA Home by Smith Firestone & Associates
Hoping to get something done for my family this Valentines.  I forgone the usual stuffed animals and chocolate in favour of earrings for the girls. They are all so sweet but Ava's blue elephant earrings are down right adorable. My mom (whose job probably should be professional shopper and not nursing) clued me into buying beautiful inexpensive jewellery at Jean Coutu (it's a Quebec chain of Pharmacies). They were inexpensive and made for sensitive ears. Love, love, love. Who doesn't appreciate getting jewellery on Valentines day? I may be setting up their future boyfriends for complete failure, LOL.  

My parents have graciously invited our kids over for Valentines, so Greg and I can go out! I honestly do not remember the last time we went out for Valentines so I'm not sure what is good to do.  A movie? Dinner? But with it being on a Saturday this year I am sure everything is probably already reserved and jammed pack! Hmmm. 

What are your plans for Valentines??? Any suggestions? I'd love to hear :)



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Zaby @ Zaby's Perspective said...

those are really great ideas

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