A Frozen Party For Avangeline

I am usually a non Disney character theme party person, but I am a huge Frozen fan and I was delighted that Ava wanted a Frozen themed party.  She is a winter baby so it made perfect sense.  She had also wanted a Sofia the 1st party, but quickly changed her mind (phew).

She was very excited to wake up on her birthday (also the day of her party) to a room fully decorated, just for her.  Her sisters were equally excited to pitch in and help make this room pretty. They made and painted the snowflakes (placed along the buffet table) and helped locate missing dolls, and crowns, lol.

Ava had 4 wardrobe changes, her favourite of course, her Sofia the 1st dress. Nothing to do with Frozen, but adorable none-the-less.

She is so sweet. She giggled in delight at her favourite presents. She also clasps her hands together closes her eyes, and jumps up and down. I've got that on my video cam. It's these special moments I live for and never want to forget.  

We built snowmen out of marshmallows, crafted felt flower headbands and played pin the nose on Olaf.

After all the work I poured into making Ava's special day "perfect" my SD card for my camera was broken- and my camera has no hard drive.  
So I had to resort to my phone for pictures- which is never my go-to for indoor, important shots.

Lesson learned. Verify the equipment the day before, and not an hour before. These pictures are ok but far from what I'd like. I did take a lot of video, and although I do not like taking video (it is so much more satisfying capturing the essence of a moment in a perfectly shot picture) I do love watching them a few years later.

I made her a delicious vanilla cake using this recipe  and a crazy easy marshmallow fondant using this great tutorial. And let me tell you, I've been picking at the leftover fondant today (it's so good).

I took most of these shots today, because I was just totally in the moment and completely forgot to take pictures of the decor yesterday. I know. I did video it though for Ava at least. Today's overcast actually makes for better indoor pictures, no sun glaring in; and I can mentally focus, although I did have to take a nap first.

I love Elsa's castle. It was the first thing I did. Most of the decorations are christmas decorations, many that I got on liquidation a few weeks ago. The dollar store also has some great ribbon, rock jewels, and party decor.

Though they look like helium balloons, they are simply taped to the crown mouldings. Much cheaper  and easier that way.

Since Greg can print anything, any size, how could I resist a frozen background. We needed to find the highest resolution photo we could online to print something this size. Greg is also very good at resizing something 1% at a time in photoshop to achieve a crisper image.  This seemed like the perfect backdrop.  I'm not sure I want to take it down :( No rush anyway.

I know I'm nuts, but I mentioned doing a concert theme for someone's birthday coming up in June, and to Brooklyn's delight she loves Taylor Swift. I know, I'm sick...


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