Target closing its Canadian stores

Bedroom Styling by Emily Henderson For Target

So sad to hear Target is closing. I didn't shop there for their pharmacy like items or their food. I didn't shop there for their clothing or technology items. But I loved their home decor section. I often found beautiful items on liquidation.

I guess people didn't like their less than perfect prices. Some of their items could not compete with the likes of Walmart, Maxi, to name a few.  Their lack of inventory was also less than appealing. Empty shelves and low inventory was a struggle Target continued to have during their short almost 2 year Canadian stay.

Did no one appreciate their very helpful, overly friendly sales associates? As Quebecers, probably not. Did nobody like the fact that every cashier took your word on the price of any item? Or that some items were so overly underpriced (on liquidation) that there was no way they were making any money on an item???

I loved Target. It felt like a treat going there, because it was once in a while, but I also left with something I knew I couldn't get elsewhere.  It felt like a piece of America right here in Quebec and I am very sad it's going.

What are your thoughts? Did you shop there?


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Let me know what you all think!

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