New Years Resolutions- or better yet goals!

I don't like the pressure of New Year resolutions, however, I'm all for giving ourselves goals. So this year I have given myself a very long list of things I'd like to check off. Seriously, a list of goals. We use lists for grocery shopping, errands we need to get done, and birthday party plans we need to complete; so why not give ourselves a list of things that we'd be so happy to accomplish for ourselves? Nothing crazy here, it can be a simple wardrobe overhaul, morning routine, or bedtime ritual. Whatever. When it's done, check it off!

Here are 10 of mine (the personal and wishful thinking goals I've left out).

1.  Take more time for myself. Reading, writing, relaxing. Everyday.

2.  Less Pinteresting. Ohhhh this is going to be a toughy. I'm just tired of scrolling while looking at a screen. I may have to renew a few magazine subscriptions instead. 

3.  Be even more patient with my 7 year old.  I've been nurturing her more these last 2 weeks and it's been rewarding.

4.  Write up my business plan. I've done a lot of research and have come up with a business plan worksheet to get started and motivated.  I'll share in a later post.

5.  Eat healthier! I had a tall glass of milk today (but with a brownie;) 

6.  Worry about blog content less. I love to write. So many of my posts consist of photos & writing, my home projects or things I'm actually working on. I think if I keep it to that it'll be easier to create content and less time consuming for me. 

7.  Take up a writing class or study english grammar on my own. I really miss being in the classroom. But all I really want to accomplish are better writing skills.

8.  Sharpen my photography skills. I need to improve on indoor pictures!!! 

9. Shower, makeup, decent clothing. E-V-E-R-Y-D-A-Y. It'll make a world of difference when I work from home. I just know it.

10. This one is a biggie.  Allow myself to make mistake and not beat myself up for them. Allow other people to make mistakes, and not internally beat myself/them up for it. That's a no win solution for me duh, and I'm learning.

I can only be a better version of my yesterday's self. 

And I hope to be. For myself, and for my family who are the direct benefiters.  What are some of your resolutions or goals? I'd love if you'd share a few! And of course Happy New Year to all my readers! I deeply appreciate the time you take to visit me here, more than words can say ;)

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