My Frozen Inspired Birthday Decorations, 2 EASY DIY'S

As I'm sure many of you know, I am a little obsessed with decorations. Mostly for birthdays and parties; and with Avangeline's birthday coming up I had to go the ever-so famous Frozen theme route.  I think it's hands down the one theme that isn't overly princess-y or tacky. Her birthday is also in the winter (February 1st) so it just felt right.
I was inspired by Jamie at Completely Type A to create Elsa's castle as part of the decor for Ava's 4th birthday party (in a couple of weeks). Not being a complete type A personality myself, I drew out a very similar shape but did not follow any given instructions;) I hate instructions!

I used foam board ($3 dollar store for a 2 pack 8X10 sheet) drew out what I wanted, and cut it with an exacto knife.  Then I taped it together with double-sided tape (which is super sticky) painted it and sprinkled it with lots of glitter. Unfortunately you see no glitter in the shots, but it's real pretty! I also added blue cardboard straws to the towers and wrapped the tops of them with blue sparkly washi tape. I dotted the castle with some white paint to look like snow and give it more dimension too.

So Elsa's castle will be part of the backdrop to the other decorations and food. It was so much fun to make. I felt like I was in design school again! My parents had these awesome icicles as christmas decorations so I had to borrow them! The plastic white trees are from Ikea. A 50 cent special. I made this with Ava in the room (while the girls were in school) and she loves it!

Decoration #2

Birthday Party Streamers

This decoration is so ridiculously easy you'll feel like a sewing goddess.

Pick 2 colours from your scheme. I like to hold both rolls between my legs so they can unravel perfectly as they get sewed together.  I chose a white thread because I'm using a white streamer. But I've used white thread for other colour combos and the contrast always looks nice. Then just make sure your teeth aka thread space, is set close together (this helps with the bunching, #3 is good).

And just press on the foot. So easy!

And pretty!

 These will be draped from the chandelier to the 4 corners of the room. It's a nice touch and adds a little softens to the room.

I can't wait to show you more...


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