DIY-Frozen's Anna + Elsa Headbands + Barettes

I thought I'd share this super simple, super fun, super cute tutorial. No real instructions needed though, it's that simple. This is one of the activities we will be doing at Ava's birthday party this weekend.  I've already cut out all the snowflakes, so it's simply a matter of the girls choosing what design they'd like!

Materials needed:

>> Felt 1 sheet each: Navy, light blue, white, hot pink, light purple, cream.
>> Gems: I found white (or is it clear/diamond) and turquoise.
>>Bobby pins and/or tule: depending if you're making the headband version or barrette.
>>Hot glue gun
>>Small craft scissors: Because the shapes are quite small and this makes it so much easier + cleaner looking!
All these items were purchased at the dollar store!!!! And since I had everything except the felt, it was a $2.00 project, for 12 girls!!!!

You know I had so much fun doing this. I think I'll be more excited than the kids helping them create their own headpiece!  I will be helping with the glue gun part, unless they want a try at it. It really isn't too difficult and I don't find all that hot. But maybe because I have a cheap dollar store version! Either way, it works!

This is where I got the template for the snowflakes. The barrette version I found here on Disney Family's website. I cut out the template then placed it on the felt. I then simply cut around it. I did trace one out first, but then quickly realized I didn't need to.

Then I thought, hey, I can glue this to some tulle and make a headband!!!! I could also glue it to a ribbon and make a pretty vase decoration. The possibilities are endless!

And Avangeline has yet to take hers off! I will definitely be making a few "spring" versions of these. They are so sweet and look beautiful.

Yipee!  So in love, with this cutie and this craft ;)

Have an awesome weekend, I'll share some pictures of the rest of the deco on the blog next week!


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