Sundays are for confession, my current obsession

There is nothing quite like nature to instill tranquility on  the mind and soul, especially when it is so needed.  I'm am in love with cross-country skiing and I'm pretty sure it has less to do with the actual activity and more to do with the peace and calmness I feel when I'm doing it. I skied yesterday (and today) for close to an hour in our backyard forest.  The snow clung to the trees like cotton candy along the bark and there was nothing to stop me from  sampling a tree here and there. I glided across the freshly groomed trails with a huge smile on my face. Every turn and every up and down brought with it more beauty. Trees literally cocooning the trails draped in snow creating arches for me to ski under; it felt surreal. "If there's a heaven, this is it!" I thought out loud.  I felt a gratitude to nature, to God and to myself. I felt a sense of peace and pure happiness. Though I have skied with other people it feels amazing to go it alone. It is a meditation in itself.

And of course we had to venture into the forest with the sled. I kind of gave the okay to Ava to sample some snow for herself. I don't even know what kind of toxins pollute the snow but it's so good; and it's such a natural reaction for them to. Brooklyn is the worst! She shovels it in like she hasn't eaten or drank in days. It makes me laugh.  I feel better that it's fresh powder (not that it makes it much safer!) Do you let your kids eat snow?

If you haven't cross-country skied yet, you must give it a try. You can go to Notre-Dame-de-Fatima , in Notre-Dame-de-L'ile-Perrot and rent some skies for the whole family. I went there last year with the kids and it was awesome. Brook was 6 and very good. It's not expensive either.  You may remember from this post last year.

Have a good week!!!


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