Happy Birthday...to me!

Not a big deal, just another year older but I love being a sagittarius so I figured I'd make one of these prints for myself! Easy to create on any software you feel comfortable on, or on PicMonkey. It was so easy & fun to create. It makes an original birthday card too! 

I completely believe that depending when we are born we are blessed (or cursed) with certain characteristics. My favourite would have to be my positive nature and least favourite my ability to be so easily hurt (or insulted!) I find it amazing that 99% of all traits I came across I strongly saw in myself!

What's your sign; and do you have a strong trait that makes you believe???

I'm sharing this file with you for personal use! Print as an 8X10 or turn it into a card! Click here!

Happy birthday to all you sags out there ;)


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