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Another weekend!

I'm having a whole lot of people over Saturday for Greg's birthday. Or maybe just because. Not even sure really. So I better get on the menu ASAP! Definitely serving this too easy Bailey's fudge for dessert. My friend Lori and I made some last night.....oh, it's to die for. And you make it in the microwave! Perfect gift too for the holidays!
How are your photography skills? I'm dying to improve mine. I'm a little ADD so trying to teach my self via YouTube is very difficult for me. Whenever I mention going to school Greg tells me to google it. He has learned a lot from YouTube but I guess there is something about an interactive classroom setting that I've always loved. So I'd like to perhaps take some photography classes; and maybe have sexy Brigitte Bardot hair and french style liquid eyeliner to go with it.
On my Pinterest page I've got some photography sites I've glanced at. I think I'll start with this one...
and definitely this one too!

Have a great weekend! Do something fun, or curl up on the couch with a good book or a warm kiddo or 2!


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