Sundays are for confessions- feeding your spouse's inner child and your own!

Photograph by Greg Kopriva
Learning to let go and live is difficult. For most people, that is. My husband is very good at living, and always has been. He pursues his passions and interests and is very comfortable doing what he loves. I, on the other hand, love camping and hiking but it ends there. I'm not big into fishing or hunting (which Greg is doing as I write) but I may have to become one day when the kids are grown and I'm tired of being alone on the weekend. 

Next year Greg plans on taking Charlize for her first hunt and I will be tagging along too. As a first timer you are able to hunt with a licensed hunter just once; a great way to see if you enjoy it.  You also have to be at least 12 years old which she will be this time next year.  She revels in all the dirt and grime of fishing so I imagine hunting will be no different.

I am glad Greg enjoys these weekends  because sometimes you just need to get away. Sometimes there is more to life than work, chores, and hanging around the house. Sometimes, you just need to do the things you absolutely love. Sometimes. I have a secret passion and I hope to build the nerve to start doing it. Of course I always have my excuses, but I don't know what I am waiting for. Whatever it is you may be waiting to try, you may just have to bite the bullet and do it. Do something that's just for yourself, nobody else, something to feed your inner child; and let your spouse do the same;)

I promise you'll be so happy you did! And hopefully in a few months when I forgot to do what it is I wanted to do I see this post as a reminder.


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