Sundays are for confession

Thank goodness for a little sunshine today. 
Driving west this morning (Brooklyn to gymnastics) the sun shone warmly on my skin giving me goosebumps. It was so nice to feel that warmth in what is now cool November weather.  As I drove along the 20 through Pincourt with a view of train stations, malls, shops and power lines I pictured a more beautiful scene, like this above.
I imagined I was driving a minute away to a beautiful beach where I could relax and lie in the warm sun.
If just for a moment, I believed it. And it reminded me, that happiness is a state of mind. Whenever I need a vacation break I can always daydream, pretend, or look at these photos, until I can get there again. 
I may be crazy but I've envisioned myself driving cliffside in a convertible with a surfboard hanging out the back on my way to the beach, in California. Can you believe this has been a daydream of mine dating back to my childhood days? I totally blame Barbie.
Anyway, I do hope this week slows down a bit because the weeks are just flying. I know I'm not the only one to think so; it seems everyone feels time is passing too quickly.  Maybe we all just need to unwind and enjoy a beach vacation...or a happy state of mind!

Have a relaxing week ahead!


Original series, "Sundays are for Confession".

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