Sexy Outfit, Sexy Room # 2 ; Chic yet Casual

The weather has been so damn gorgeous lately you need nothing more than to layer a beautiful knit sweater over your outfit. So warm in fact you can get away with a cute little dress, sweater, and maybe some leather boots. Love this knit from Zara.
 Sexy, comfy, casual. Love a layered look. This outfit looks effortless and liveable! 

As does Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen's cosy living room.  Effortless comfort. I'm so impressed with designer Kishana Perera's ability to make a room look chic and lived in at the same time. When dressing you should feel comfortable and confident as should you feel the same way in your home. 

Get the look of Chic meets Casual

>>Toss some pillows on your couch. My rule of thumb 5 pillows for every three cushion seats! Vary them in texture and colour! 

>>Nothing says comfort like books. If you have none in your room, it's a horrible shame. Start collecting! Throw in some beautiful old classics for the kids too! 

>>Plants! A casual cosy home needs a few. If you're not huge on plants make a small succulent to place on your coffee table (like the one above).

>>Layer, layer, layer. Books on top of books, art on top of art, poufs on top of rugs, throws or blankets on top of couches or chairs.

And don't forget to kick up your feet on that chunky wood coffee table, with a beer or glass of Merlot ;) 


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