Bits of the weekend + my front porch

I am so intrigued by children playing. Children interacting. Ava collected everything she thought she needed to play mommy. It's sweet to see her growing up and doing these things on her own. 

She may have not chosen the best place to set up. I guess she was excited to get started.  I guess she was playing a mommy who needed 10 more minutes in bed. She cracks me up.

Sunday morning when we woke to a sweet surprise. The first thing Ava wanted to do was play outside. I knew it wouldn't last long so we played outside for a bit. Before even tea ;)

Ava on our front lawn. When we first pulled up to this house, on the first visit, I was like "well, okay, let's have a look." The house struck me as very ordinary, nothing that warranted a second glance. But from the moment I stepped on that grass I just kind of knew. I'd eventually like to remodel the front a bit. It's got a modern vibe to it so I think we could push it more in that direction.
I'm pulling out my christmas stuff to see what I can do around the door. I can't wait to decorate!

And we made a cute little friend. He had a short life. 12 hours.

I have another snow eater. Do your kids eat snow? Brooklyn shovels it into her mouth (since she was almost 2).  Despite my efforts to stop them, short of making them go inside, I am failing miserably.

This I don't mind though!

Have a happy Monday!

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