What to do with a tiny entryway! 6 inspirational ideas!

The entrance to my new home is only a bit smaller than my last one. Okay maybe about 10 square feet less than before. And- that's huge. So I get to re-imagine a front entrance. The better part with this house? High ceilings that I get to showcase a jaw dropping chandelier. Maybe one of these days.
For now my challenge is how to best organize it so it's neat, efficient, and most obviously pretty. I still haven't painted it yet. I'd like wallpaper. Maybe I'll settle for a large wall decal, or print (since that's what I do!)

Here are some great inspirations I have come across for a small entrance!

Fresh creamy white walls, natural tones, and lots of texture.


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Similar shelf, frames and cubbies can be found at Ikea. Perfect for stashing things out of sight! I would take it a step further and have fun labelling them!

Apartment Therapy

Love this all white scheme. Disappears into the wall when nothing is hanging! Very seamless.

The contrast of the black and white along with the warmth of the desk, lamp and carpet give this entrance a nice layered look. I think a basket on the floor is super functional and pretty.

There are a few key elements that make up a functional entryway.

>  A place to set down mail, keys, sunglasses, etc   
>> A place to hang your coat and put your shoes.
>>> A place to sit (should you have the space).

I've been waiting to paint before hanging some hooks and other things but I am tempted to hang and decorate anyway because it's just a few screws...then at least this way if what I've got doesn't cut it (as far as functionality for 5 people go) I can rethink the design! Hmmmm.

Here's a peak of the mess now...

I've purchased an inexpensive rug from ikea (not shown). Fits perfectly. Hopefully I can show a reveal shortly!


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